About draw.io


draw.io is a technology stack for building diagramming applications, and the world’s most widely used browser-based end-user diagramming software.

draw.io is a registered trademark of JGraph Ltd and draw.io AG. JGraph Ltd is a company registered in England, draw.io AG is a company registered in Switzerland. Jointly, these companies develop and own the software, run the diagrams.net and draw.io sites and own the diagrams.net and draw.io brands.

We promise you we won’t hide your data from you and will always give you some way to open and edit that data, at no cost. When companies pay us money it should be because we add value, not because they are locked in.

We are disrupting the industry with a new business model that makes reasonable profits to pay a dedicated, professional software team, but doesn’t use artificial scarcity to produce a bloated sales-centric company with matching revenues.

Our mission statement is “provide free, high quality diagramming software for everyone”.

  • Diagramming software is worth $1B+ annually, but nothing is happening in the field that justifies this sales volume. Diagramming is a stock productivity web application, like word processing and spreadsheets.

  • SaaS apps have a trust problem. Currently, vendors provide both the application and store your data, then charge you monthly to access it. They try to make sure the cost of leaving is more than the cost of renewal (not in a good way).

  • As with most proprietary software, the revenue is generated by artificial scarcity, pushy sales and de facto file formats forcing companies to buy the product for which that format is native.

  • Our model is based on the viral effect of a free application. When you share a draw.io diagram, you know anyone can open and edit it.

  • By allowing you to build on the software for free, not just use it. Replacing proprietary software with a single application isn’t helpful, either. You can take the existing draw.io base and build for specific vertical markets, add and improve on features. Competition is good.

  • By picking one commercial ecosystem to charge for the application where the host product is pay-for and the profit margins greatest, and that was the Atlassian ecosystem. Note that you still control access to your data on Confluence and Jira, we don’t resort to locking your data away, just because it’s a commercial platform.

JGraph Ltd
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JGraph Ltd is a private limited company registered in England #04051179

draw.io AG
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