Scramble all text in your diagram with the anonymize plugin

This plugin should be used as-is, as an unsupported example for developers.

If you need to remove confidential, sensitive or identifying information before sharing your diagrams, use the anonymize plugin. This plugin will scramble all of the text and metadata in your diagram.

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Load the anonymize plugin

Anonymise your diagram content

Once you have loaded the anonymize plugin, the Anonymize Current Page menu entry will let you scramble the text and metadata in your diagram. This includes all labels and shape metadata on that page, and the page’s name.

  • On each page in your diagram, click Extras > Anonymize Current Page.

Before anonymising your diagram

Click Extras > Anonymize Current Page to scramble all of the text on that page

After anonymising your diagram

All text has been scrambled, including the page name and shape metadata

Permanently load the plugin

If you need to anonymise diagrams regularly, add the anonymize plugin to the plugins list to load it each time you create or edit a diagram.

  1. From the menu, select Extras > Plugins.
    Open the plugins list
  2. Click Add.
    Add a new plugin
  3. Select anon in the drop-down list of built-in plugins, then click OK.
    Add the anonymize plugin
  4. Click Apply.
    Add the anonymize plugin

Reload your browser tab to load the plugin into the diagram editor.

Note: Plugins work with the web version of ( or our Docker image if you want to run your own server. They do not work with for Confluence/Jira or with Desktop.