Change the displayed diagram page and layers in an embedded diagram in Confluence Cloud

Each embedded version of a master diagram can display different diagram pages and layers. You can set this easily via the Viewer Settings on the diagram toolbar when you view the Confluence Cloud page.

  1. Hover over the embedded diagram to see the toolbar. Step to the page you want to display, and hide the layers you don’t want to see by clicking on the eye next to the layer name.
    Step to the page and only show the layers you want to display on the page
  2. Click on the Viewer Settings tool in this toolbar, click on the Current Viewer State checkbox, then click Save.
    Save the Current Viewer State in the embedded diagram's Viewer Settings via the toolbar

Alternatively, change the Viewer Settings in the Diagram tab of the format panel when editing your diagram.

Embedded diagram in the Simple Viewer

If you don’t see the toolbar when you hover over the diagram on your Confluence Cloud page, the Simple Viewer is enabled. The Simple Viewer does not allow you to click on links in a diagram, step through diagram pages or hide/display layers. You can still select which pages and layers are displayed in the Simple Viewer.

  1. Edit the Confluence page, then select the Embed diagram macro that contains the diagram, and Edit it (click on the edit pencil).
  2. Use the toolbar above the diagram preview to select the page and layers you want to see, and Save the macro settings, then publish the Confluence Cloud page.
    Select a diagram page and set the visible layers when embedding an existing diagram in another Confluence Cloud page