Convert a Gliffy diagram stored in Jira Server to

Gliffy diagrams are enclosed within a zip container inside the .gliffy file when attached to an issue on Jira Server. Convert these attachments to .drawio diagrams by unpacking them on your computer first.

  1. Download the Gliffy diagram from the Attachments section in your issue.
    Download the Gliffy file attachment from your Jira issue
  2. Rename the file (on your local device) - change the file suffix to .zip, e.g. network-diagram.gliffy >
  3. Unzip the file you just renamed.
  4. Change to the Versions folder and find the highest numbered version of the diagram, then rename its file suffix to .gliffy, e.g. 5.gon > network-diagram.gliffy.
  5. Add a new diagram to your issue - click More > Add Diagram in the issue toolbar.
    Add a new diagram to an issue in Jira Server
  6. Drag the .gliffy file you just renamed onto the editor, click Save & Exit, enter a name for your new .drawio diagram file. The diagram will be attached to the issue, and appear on the right of the issue in the Diagrams section.
    Gliffy diagram, converted to .drawio and attached to an issue on Jira Server