Work with custom libraries in the Sketch editor theme

First, open the Shapes panel - click on the Shapes tool in the toolbar.

Create a new custom library

  1. Click on New Library at the bottom of the Shapes panel, and select where you want to save the custom library file.
  2. Edit the Filename - this is the title of your custom library in the Shapes panel, and click Save.
  3. Drag shapes from the drawing canvas into your custom shape library.
    Add shapes to a custom library in the Sketch editor theme from the drawing canvas.

You can drag custom shapes and multiple selected shapes, containers, and groups of shapes from the drawing canvas.

Click on the edit pencil next to a custom library’s name to add shapes and images via a URL or dragging them from your desktop.

Learn more about working with custom shape libraries.

Open an existing custom library

  1. Click on Open Library from and select a file storage location.
  2. Locate and select your custom library (the file extension will be .xml), then click Choose or Upload if required.