draw.io for Quip Product Status

As of 8th June 2022 the draw.io for Quip live app is in maintenance mode. From this point on:

  1. You will not be able to insert new diagrams.
  2. You will be able to edit existing diagrams.
  3. We will not always apply security fixes where available in the open source project.

Note that no users ever paid for draw.io for Quip commercially, it was provided as-is, for free.

At launch in 2018 there were 10 live apps, now there are 8. From our perspective, we need an ecosystem partner looking to actively grow and evolve their ecosystem, and we haven’t seen that to be the case here.

The Atlassian Marketplace is orders of magnitude better from a vendor view-point, thus our focus on investment there.

There is an alternative diagramming solution in Quip, Lucidchart, which can import draw.io diagrams.