Import a CSV file from a URL to a diagram in Confluence Data Center and Server

Use the Embed diagram macro to add a diagram from a text file that contains special formatting information and CSV data stored at a publicly accessible location on the internet to a page in your Confluence Data Center or Server instance.

See the text file with CSV data used in this example

  1. Edit the Confluence page on which you want to embed your diagram, then type /draw to insert a macro. Select Embed diagram.
    Add the Embed Diagram macro to your Confluence page
  2. Select the CSV Import tab in the Embed Diagram dialog.
  3. Enter a Diagram Name and the CSV File URL in the textboxes, and click Generate to see a preview. In the example below, the CSV file is stored in our public GitHub repository.
  4. Click Insert to embed the diagram into your Confluence page.
    Import a CSV file from a URL and embed it as a diagram in Confluence

The Embed diagram macro will show a preview of the embedded diagram while you are still editing the Confluence page. You can now change the macro settings to display the diagram at a different size.

Save the page to see the embedded diagram in view mode.

Embedded diagrams in for Confluence Data Center and Server

Tip: You can embed diagrams stored in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, from a different Confluence page, or from a URL.