Embed a diagram from a URL into a Confluence Data Center and Server page

Use the Embed draw.io diagram macro to add a diagram from a publicly accessible location on the internet to a page in your Confluence Data Center or Server instance.

  1. Edit the Confluence page on which you want to embed your diagram, then type {draw to insert a macro. Select Embed draw.io diagram.
    Add the Embed draw.io Diagram macro to your Confluence page
  2. Select the From URL tab in the Embed draw.io Diagram dialog.
  3. Enter a Diagram Name and the Diagram URL in the textboxes, and click Show diagram to see a preview. In the example below, the diagram is stored in our public GitHub repository.
  4. Click Insert to embed the diagram into your Confluence page.
    Add a diagram name, its public URL, then insert it into your Confluence page

The Embed draw.io diagram macro will show a preview of the embedded diagram while you are still editing the Confluence page. You can now change the macro settings to display the diagram at a different size.

Save the page to see the embedded diagram in view mode.

Embedded diagrams in draw.io for Confluence Data Center and Server

Tip: You can embed draw.io diagrams stored in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, from a different Confluence page, or a text file with CSV data stored on the internet.