Export a diagram to a PDF file

When you export your diagram to a PDF file, you can include a copy of your diagram data. When you drop that file onto the draw.io editor, it will open your diagram for editing again.

Tip: You can crop the PDF to match the size of the diagram, rather than using your devices page size settings.

  1. Click File > Export As > PDF.
    Export a diagram to PDF from draw.io
  2. Change the export settings to suit your requirements.
    • Select whether to include All Pages in your multi-page diagram, the Current Page or just the shapes and connectors that are currently selected (Selection Only).
    • If you are printing the just the current page or a selection, enable the Crop checkbox to crop the generated PDF to fit your diagram.
    • Enable the checkboxes if you want a Transparent Background, or to include the Grid of the drawing canvas.
    • Leave the checkbox enabled to Include a copy of my diagram to include diagram data in your PDF file, so you can open it again in the draw.io editor.
      Change the export settings when exporting to a PDF
  3. Click Export and select the location to save your SVG file.

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