Compare file storage locations

There are many different locations where you can store your diagram files. Depending on the location, can provide additional useful features, such as a diagram autosave or revision history.

Several of the locations that can use for file storage are in the cloud, and require you to have an online connection to access and edit them.

Diagram offline

Storing diagram files on your device or in your browser does not require an internet connection, and can therefore be used offline.

Tip: The desktop version of also does not require an internet connection as it has been designed to work fully offline in secured environments.

Online diagram storage locations can use the following online platforms for your diagrams, after you have authorised the app to read/write your files stored at these locations.

Your diagram files are hosted in the cloud on the servers provided by these platforms.

Choose a storage location for your diagram files

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Store diagrams in Atlassian Confluence and Jira is also available in the Atlassian Marketplace for both Confluence and Jira on Cloud and Data Center. features at different storage locations

File > Save As

If you store your diagram in Google Drive, you can’t use Save As to create a new copy of your diagram file with another name.

  1. Duplicate the diagram file first in Google Drive before you edit the duplicate copy.
  2. You can rename the file either in Google Drive before you start editing , or via File > Rename in the diagram editor.


Autosave saves your changes shortly after you make them, and reduces the risk that you will lose your work if your internet connection fails or your computer crashes.

Autosave is enabled by default when you store your diagrams on all online platforms, and can be enabled in Desktop.

  • Select Extras > Autosave to enable or disable this feature on all platforms, including in Desktop.

Version control

Some online platforms support version control, where your changes at a certain point of time are saved as a new ‘version’ of your diagram file. On these platforms, you can roll back to an earlier version of your diagram. This can be important when you are collaborating on diagrams with your colleagues.

Check the versions of a diagram file stored in Google Drive