Fix SVG images when using a proxy with Confluence Server

If you use the Apache HTTP server as a proxy between the browser and the Confluence Server, it may not be configured to properly serve SVG files. As a result, SVG shapes will look broken in the diagram editor.
Broken SVG previews in for Confluence Server if you are using an Apache HTTP Server proxy

  1. Edit the Apache server’s http.conf configuration file and add the AddType image/svg+xml .svg .svgz directive to allow for SVG files to be served with a proper MIME type.
    Note: The AddType directive needs to be added within the <IfModule mime_module> block.
    Add the AddType directive to your Apache Server settings to serve SVG files properly
  2. Save the changes and restart the Apache HTTP server.
  3. To confirm that the SVGs are now served properly, re-open the editor and check the SVG shapes in the left panel.