Troubleshoot authorisation problems with Google Workspace (G Suite)

If you are having trouble with your personal Google Drive account, see how to fix connection issues with Google Drive, and make sure you have granted the permissions needed to work with diagrams in Google Workplace (G Suite).

When you can work with diagrams stored in your personal Google Drive but not in a Google Workplace account, your administrator may not have allowed third-party apps on your company’s Google Workplace domain.

Authorise third party apps in Google Workplace (G Suite)

  1. As an administrator, go to, then navigate to Google Apps > Drive > General Settings.
  2. On the right, enable the check box Allow users to install Google Drive apps then save your changes. It may take a short time for the system to update, after which your users will be able to install the add-ons in Google Workplace apps themselves.

If you don’t want to enable this setting and allow your users to individually install the add-ons, install domain wide.