Import a diagram into an existing diagram

You can import a diagram file into an existing diagram.

  • Store related diagrams together in one diagram file. For more complex diagrams, multiple pages in the same diagram are useful.
  • Use a diagram as a template, such as when extending or modifying the UML diagrams of your existing code base.

Tip: In addition to importing .drawio and .xml diagram files, you can import diagrams in other formats in this way, including Gliffy, Lucidchart and .vsdx diagrams.

Import a diagram

  1. Select File > Import From in the menu, then select the location where the diagram you want to import is located.
  2. Select the diagram file in the dialog. It will be automatically added to the top left of the drawing canvas and be selected.
  3. Drag to reposition the imported diagram on the drawing canvas.

Import diagrams into an existing diagram in two different ways

Import a diagram from your local device

This method works when you have added shapes to the drawing canvas.

  1. Drag the diagram file into the drawing canvas. The diagram you just added will appear and be selected.
  2. Drag to reposition the imported diagram on the drawing canvas.

If you try to drag and drop a file into a blank diagram, it will open that file instead adding the diagram contents to your current diagram.