Insert layouts to build diagrams quickly

You can use the automatic layout dialog in to build neat flow charts, trees and other common layouts quickly.

  1. Click Arrange > Insert > Layout, then select the diagram type and layout you want to use. Alternatively, click the + icon in the toolbar, then select Layout and select the layout you want to use.
    Select Arrange > Insert > Layout then select a layout to quickly build your diagram
  2. Build your diagram: Click on the arrow at the bottom right of a parent shape to add a child shape. The shapes already in the diagram will be automatically moved to make space for it following the layout you chose.
    Add child shapes to your diagram by clicking on the blue arrows at the bottom right of the parent shape
  3. Click Insert to add your layout to the drawing canvas.

Tip: You can also automatically layout the existing shapes on the drawing canvas via Arrange > Layout, or use automated layout shapes for diagram portions within a container shape.

How to build and insert various layouts

Build your diagram in the layout dialog you selected via Arrange > Insert > Layout.

Horizontal flow
Quickly click together a horizontal flow in

Vertical tree
Quickly click together a vertical tree in

Organic layout
Quickly click together a a diagram with a neatly spaced, organic layout in

Quickly click together a diagram with a circular layout in

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