Install a specific version of in Confluence Server

As an administrator, you can install a specific version of from the Atlassian Marketplace in your Confluence Server instance.

  1. Go to your Confluence administration area. Click on the gear icon and select Manage apps.
  2. If you have currently installed uninstall it first. Find and expand the Confluence Plugin section, then click Uninstall.

    Note: No diagrams or macros will be removed from any pages in which they are used. There is no danger of losing data on an uninstall.
    Uninstall the app from Confluence Server
  3. Go to, expand the version you want to install, and click Download.
    Download the version of the app that you want to install from the Atlassian Marketplace
  4. On the Manage apps page in your Confluence Server administration area, above the list of apps, click Upload app.
  5. Click Choose File, select the app version you just downloaded (with an.obr file extension), click Choose and then Upload.
    Choose the .obr file you just downloaded to upload to your Confluence Server instance