Get license information for for Confluence or Jira Server for Confluence Server and for Jira Server are licensed through Atlassian. This means your purchase and all billing and licensing is managed directly by Atlassian. We do not have access to any billing and licensing information.

If you have lost the licensing information for your purchase, please first check your email, including your spam folder, for emails received from Atlassian around the date and time of your purchase.

See licensing information in your Atlassian account

If you still can’t find your purchase information, you can retrieve it from your Atlassian account.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with the email you used to to purchase your license for Confluence or Jira Server.
  3. Expand the section to see the billing details and license key.

Get licensing information from Atlassian support

If you can’t remember which email was used to purchase the license, you can ask Atlassian Support for help.

  1. File a support ticket with Atlassian at
  2. Click Payments and refunds then on Request a copy of your invoice.
  3. Fill in as many details you can to help Atlassian support find your order and send you your licensing information.