Run offline is a versatile application that can be used offline in a number of ways - as a stand-alone desktop application, as a progressive web application (PWA), or as a Chrome web app.

Use desktop desktop is a free standalone application that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Creating diagrams in the desktop app doesn’t need an internet connection. This is useful when you have to create diagrams where data protection is important.

Download the desktop application - choose the installer that matches your operating system.

The desktop app works on MacOS, Windows and Linux

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Use offline as a progressive web app

When you go to our online editor at using your web browser on your computer or mobile device and load a diagram, you can continue working on it even if you disconnect from the internet.

As the editor runs as a progressive web app (PWA), after the editor and your diagram have been loaded via your internet connection, you can safely disconnect from the internet and continue to work on the diagram.

Depending on where you you have chosen to save your diagram, you may need to reconnect before closing that browser tab.

Note: The following features are not available without an internet connection.

  • Load, save or export diagrams to cloud storage platforms, or autosave your diagram.
  • Convert diagrams to PDF and image file formats.
  • Create a new diagram from a template or insert a template diagram.
  • Search for and use the online clipart shapes.
  • Insert from PlantUML to auto-generate a UML diagram, or use mathematical typesetting.
  • Use fonts such as Google fonts and *.woff files that are hosted online.
  • Use the online help.

Use the Chrome app offline

The Chrome app runs in a simplified version of the Chrome browser on Chromebooks using ChromeOS, as well as on the following operating systems: Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux - in fact, anywhere the Chrome browser can run.

If you are using ChromeOS on a Chromebook, you can use your Chrome apps offline. If you aren’t using ChromeOS, you’ll need an active internet connection to use the Chrome app.

An infographic template diagram in the Chrome app

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Stop merged changes

If you only want to stop changes made to your diagrams being merged automatically, and not completely disconnect from your internet connection, disable the synchronize feature.

Click on the synchronize tool (Online) to disable it