Print a diagram

  1. Select File > Print from the menu in to open the print options. Alternatively, press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on macOS.
  2. Select your print options, then click Print.
  3. Choose your printer and follow its instructions to print your diagram.

Click File > Print to open the print options dialog in


This option is not shown if your diagram has only one page.

  • If your diagram has multiple pages, select Print all pages.
  • Alternatively, type the page range you want to print in Pages. Each diagram page will be printed on a separate page.


  • By default, your diagram will be printed at 100% - to fit to your page. Change the Adjust to field to another percentage if you want to make your diagram smaller, or larger and printed across multiple pages.
  • Or, select Fit to and enter the number of sheets (pages) you want your diagram to be printed across and down.


  • If you want a different Paper Size, select one from the drop-down list.
  • If your diagram is wider than it is high, you may find it prints better on Landscape instead of Portrait. Make sure you also change your printer settings to match.
  • If you have set a different page scale in your system’s printer settings, change the Page Scale here to match.

Tip: You can also print your diagram to a PDF file instead of exporting it.

If you want to only print part of a diagram, you’ll need to select and copy that part onto a new diagram page, and print just that page.