Add a cross-functional table to your diagram

Cross-functional flowcharts (tables) use categories to group steps in a business process.

Create a table with horizontal and vertical swimlanes using the Table tool in the toolbar.

  1. With nothing selected in your diagram, click on the Table tool in the toolbar.
  2. Select the Container checkbox, or hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key while you select a table with the number of rows and columns you need. Click to add the table with cross-functional swimlanes to the drawing canvas.
    Add a cross-functional table by selecting the Container checkbox in the Table tool in
  3. Select the table, click on a title cell, then enter the title text. When you enter one of the row titles, the text will be centred - it will move into the correct position when you finish adding the text.

The cells in a cross-functional table function as container shapes so you can add shapes to them and join them with connectors.

Add text to a selected table cell just like you would a shape label in