Clear the cache to use the newest build 09 Dec 2021


Updates, bug fixes and new features are added to, both in our online editor and for various platforms regularly. It is likely that your browser will use a cached older version of the application by default. To use the newest build, you need to clear any features or diagram editor components in your browser that have been cached.

If you are experiencing odd behaviour in the diagram editor, or with your embedded images or imported fonts, try clearing the cache as an initial troubleshooting step. This makes sure that all diagram editor features and components are up to date.

Check which version of you are using

  1. Click Help and note the number at the bottom of the menu.
    Select Help in the menu to see which version you are currently using
  2. You can compare this number to the most recent VERSION number in the JGraph’s drawio repository on GitHub.
    Check JGraph's drawio repository on GitHub to see what the current version is

Using in Confluence Cloud or Jira Cloud?

Follow these instructions to find your app version and SEN in Confluence Cloud or in Jira Cloud.

Clear the cache

  1. Clear the cache:
  2. If you don’t have open in another tab, click on Start App.
  3. If you do have a diagram open in or in one of the apps open in another browser tab, save your diagram first to not lose any data, then refresh that tab.

Once the diagram editor has been refreshed, you will see the most recent release.

What’s new in

View the release notes on GitHub to see a list of the updates and bugfixes that have gone into each release.

Update Desktop

To update Desktop, in the menu, select Help > Check for Updates and follow the prompts.
Select Help in Desktop, then Check for Updates to update the application to the most recent build

Alternatively, visit download and install the latest version of our desktop app.

Learn more about using the standalone desktop version of

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