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You can customise the editor and choose your preferred theme for the user interface. The editor theme controls which editor elements are displayed, minimised or hidden in the user interface, including the menu, toolbar, panels and dialog boxes.
Choose your favourite UI theme in from Kennedy, Atlas, Dark, Minimal and Sketch

There are four different editor themes to choose from which work in both dark and light modes.

Change the editor theme via the menu

  1. Select File > Extras in the menu.
  2. Choose Default, Minimal, Atlas, or Sketch (a whiteboard-style theme).
  3. Reload the editor to start using your selected editor theme.

Please visit GitHub to leave feedback about the Sketch and Minimal editor themes and help guide their development.

Tip: If you are new to diagramming, read the introduction to the editor that looks at all the various important elements.

Alternatively, you can try the new simple mode with a streamlined toolbar and minimisable panels for a larger drawing canvas. Click on the sun/moon icon in the top right and select Simple.


The default editor theme (previously the Kennedy theme), named after the Google UI, is the default style for, and shows the menu, toolbar, file name, language selector, fixed panels either side and diagram pages below the drawing canvas.
Choose your favourite UI theme in from Kennedy, Atlas, Dark, Minimal and Sketch
Start using the editor with the Kennedy theme


If you are used to using the apps on Atlassian Confluence or Jira, and would prefer to keep using that interface at

The Atlas UI theme does not show the diagram’s filename or the Share button, but the rest of the editor elements are displayed in roughly the same positions.
Choose your favourite UI theme in from Kennedy, Atlas, Dark, Minimal and Sketch
Start using the editor with the Atlas theme


If you are diagramming on a tablet or a mobile device, the Minimal theme allows you to collapse the panels around the drawing canvas for less ‘clutter’. The Minimal theme, or the Sketch (whiteboard) editor theme below are ideal for remote kanban boards

When using the Minimal theme

  • The menu is minimised to the Diagram tool on the toolbar, panels can be toggled on and off as you need, or minimised to their titles to make room for more drawing.
  • The panels are floating in the Minimal theme, you can drag them to a new position over the drawing canvas.
  • Select Diagram > Preferences > Theme when using the Minimal editor theme to change to another one, then refresh the page.

If you are new to diagramming and feel overwhelmed with the number of tools displayed in a diagram editor, you may find the Minimal theme easier to use.
Choose your favourite UI theme in from Kennedy, Atlas, Dark, Minimal and Sketch
Start using the editor with the Minimal theme


If you prefer minimal tools and the rough style enabled by default, like you would in a whiteboarding app, the Sketch editor theme is for you. This easy-to-use theme is set by default in the Board macro for Confluence, and in the for Notion Chrome extension.

The Sketch editor theme may also be useful to introduce younger children to diagramming or support them as they add diagrams to their documents and in Google Classroom with the Google Drive add-in.

Enable the Sketch editor theme in as you would any other theme and refresh the page. Alternatively, go to
Sketch theme is currently being developed
Open this tutorial in the new Sketch theme at
Tip: Resize your browser to line everything up with the tutorial.

Editor theme + Dark mode

If you prefer to work on a dark background with light outlines and text, or if you are creating an infographic that will be printed on a dark background, switch to dark mode in whatever editor theme you are currently using.

To switch between dark and light mode, click on the sun/moon in the top right, and enable or disable the Dark toggle.

Dark mode works with all editor themes in including Default, Atlas, Minimal and Sketch
Start using the editor in Dark mode

Automatic will automatically match your browser or operating system’s dark mode settings.

When using the Dark theme

  • Sharing diagrams: You may need to change the text label and shape/connector colours to be readable if you plan to share your diagrams with colleagues who use a light UI theme.
  • Exporting diagrams: Also, make sure you set the background of your diagram to transparent before you export it to a PDF or image format, or it will have a black background.

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