Go to diagram.new to create a new diagram

draw.io 07 May 2020


You can now create a new diagram even faster by going to diagram.new or diagrams.new instead of having to remember the full app.diagrams.net address for the online version of draw.io.

.new is the first and only domain that is devoted to helping you get things done fast. Each and every address that ends with .new is an action that lets you create or share content online.

The .new domain helps you create content quickly

Google has set up the .new domain exclusively to help you create and work with content quickly and easily. Several different types of content and actions are available already:

For example:

Instead of remembering the full URL of the websites and services, just enter the type of content you want to create or action you want to do and add .new to the end.

Only trusted apps

As there is a rigorous application process with a well-defined registration and security policy, Google only grants trusted and reliable applications or shortcuts a .new address.

Try it out

Go to diagram.new and create a new diagram.

If you have any questions, please post them to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/drawio. If it’s technical, you can open an issue at GitHub.

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