Use desktop to diagram offline 05 Sep 2019

Share: desktop is a downloadable security-first diagramming application that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Creating diagrams in the desktop app doesn’t need an internet connection. This is useful when you are disconnected or when you must create diagrams in a highly secure environment, where data protection is of the utmost importance.

Storing your diagram files

When you use the desktop app, your diagrams will be stored on your local device. Because this is a stand-alone application, also designed to run offline, there are no interfaces to cloud storage platforms available. Of course, you can still store your diagrams in folders that are synchronised to your cloud storage if you wish.

The desktop app works on MacOS, Windows and Linux

Download and install the desktop app

Features not available in desktop

There are a few features that are not available in the desktop version, whether you are online or not.

  • Load, save or export diagrams to cloud storage platforms.
  • Use the online clipart shapes (via the Search Shapes field).
  • Insert from PlantUML to automatically create a UML diagram.

If you want to use external fonts with the desktop app, please download them and install them in your system.

Features not available when offline in the desktop app

Without internet connectivity, a number of additional features are not available:

  • Use Google fonts or web font files (.woff) that are hosted online.
  • Use the online help.
  • Create a new diagram from a template or insert a template diagram.

These additional online-only features will be automatically available or hidden when you connect to or disconnect from the internet.

If you value the diagram templates, but need to work offline in the desktop app, save the templates you need to you device while you are online, then load these saved diagram templates into the desktop app when you are offline.

Diagramming offline in your browser

You don’t need to install the desktop app to diagram offline - you can load the application into your browser and then simply use it offline.

Open the online editor at while you still have internet connectivity to load the application into your browser.

This works on mobile devices as well as on your desktop computer.

You’ll be able to save diagrams to your device, or keep them only in your browser.

The following features are not available when you use the editor offline in your browser, including: cloud storage platforms, templates, clipart shapes, PlantUML insertion, external fonts, math typesetting, online help, and depending on your browser, exporting to PDF and image formats (PNG, JPG).

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