The many faces of 19 Aug 2022


Finding a typo-proof word that is also pronounced the same throughout the world is simple, how sensible companies fail to stop users from mis-spelling product names eludes us. demonstrates the right way to do this, clearly. However, a small, minor, fractional, minority of users regularly fall asleep on their keyboards while typing our product name, this is the only rational explanation.
Freehand drawing in on a tablet - click the freehand tool in the toolbar on the left - do our diagrams make you angry? Or maybe it’s a reference to the cleverness of crows? Do those filthy BPMN shapes make your skin crawl? - the languages with a close appropriate meaning would be Norwegian (to draw or drag) or Swedish (to pull or tell a story). Or perhaps Yola, the Forth and Bargy dialect (to draw) in County Wexford. We bet you’ve dropped your lunch under the w key. - your turn! (German) Seriously, we’re not sure how n slips in for w as those two keys are usually far from each other in most layouts. Perhaps Maltron 3D keyboard users slipping from the a? - uncertain, unexpected, indefinable, but riveting. Or perhaps fashionable? Or cut off accidentally while typing something longer… - a wonderfully concise description of how to use - drag shapes onto the canvas and drag connectors between them. - That’s tough to say after you’ve been drinking. Maybe that’s the reason you spelt it like that. But that’s cool, we’d totally all vote for Sanna Marin if we could. - Polish for firewood or wood, probably. Also Creole for right (entitlement).
Different types of hardwood and softwood trees for firewood, and useful firestarters - this brings to mind an old movie …
"Mawwiage ... mawwiage is what bwings us togevvar, today." and - how could anyone get this wrong? Our naming change will go in marketing textbooks for years to come as an example of how to re-brand effectively. - our top secret site to get money from you. You’re only allowed a single diagram here, until you pay up and we redirect you. - because is developed by JGraph? Or is it… - flanked by dark elves? Seriously though, the aw sound in English is difficult in other languages - in Japanese, it is closest to the vowel o. It seems to be tricky in Spanish, too. should really redirect to a vector drawing of Drizzt. - when said aloud, this is suspiciously close to daedra. Perhaps we should ask Bethesda if Hermaeus Mora, Jyggalag or Peryite is the patron prince of diagrams? Ooo, an idea - a wabbajack tool for hilarious chaos when teams collaborate!

It’s summer, we’re bored and it’s hot. If you’d like to contribute additional misspellings or propose different meanings for those above, share it with on Twitter.

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