draw.io is now an Atlassian Cloud Fortified app

draw.io 20 Jul 2021


JGraph is pleased to announce that draw.io is the only secure diagramming application to meet Atlassian’s new Cloud Fortified standard.

The draw.io app for Confluence is a diagramming application natively integrated into Confluence. If Confluence is your single point of truth for documentation, draw.io is your most secure choice for diagramming and visualization. draw.io for Confluence is created and maintained by JGraph, alongside our online draw.io editor, desktop application and other integrations.

What is Atlassian Cloud Fortified?

Atlassian developed the more rigorous Cloud Fortified standard to highlight enterprise-grade apps with a particular focus on reliability and service, in addition to increased security requirements.

By including strict reliability and support requirements, the new standard goes above and beyond the Atlassian Cloud Security program.

As a security-first diagramming app for Atlassian Cloud products, the draw.io developer JGraph has continued to work closely with Atlassian over the years, participating in security initiatives as they are made available to app developers.

draw.io is Atlassian Cloud Fortified

As a Cloud Fortified app, draw.io and JGraph meets the following requirements:

Secure diagramming with draw.io and Atlassian

JGraph are fully committed to your data security and privacy expectations in all draw.io applications.

Because your sensitive diagram data doesn’t leave your infrastructure and is never stored on the draw.io servers, draw.io is an app for Confluence and Jira that lets you comply with a number of data protection certifications (ISO 27000, 27001 and 27002) and the GDPR.

Learn more about our commitment to data security and privacy

Set the draw.io lockdown option as a JSON string in the app configuration to additionally restrict data transmission to only between a user’s browser and their Confluence Cloud instance:
"lockdown": true

See how to configure draw.io in Confluence Cloud

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