draw.io is sponsoring FOSDEM 2024

draw.io 17 Nov 2023


We are proud to be be once again sponsoring the popular FOSDEM two-day event for open source software, held at the Université Libre de Bruxelles Solbosch Campus in Brussels, Belgium on 3-4 February 2024. There is no registration and the event is free to attend.

draw.io is sponsoring the FOSDEM'24 conference for open source developers

FOSDEM is organised by a large team of volunteers, and provides a space for open source software developers and users to meet, share ideas, and collaborate on open source projects.

If you would like to join a developer room at FOSDEM’24, keep an eye on list of developers that will be calling for participation shortly and the FOSDEM’24 schedule as speakers and projects are confirmed.

FOSDEM: hundreds of open source speakers and events

With well over 5000 developers and speakers attending from all over the world, it’s easily one of the largest events for open source projects.

As usual, there will be a wide variety of presentations by speakers across several tracks, along with keynotes, developer rooms and hacking sessions, lightning talks, project stands with demos and merchandise, and open discussions. You can attend as few or as many activities as you like for free - just turn up on the day.

Unlike previous events, no certification exams are planned for this year. There will be an area for recruiting and job opportunities for open source positions, and several related fringe events that you may be interested in attending.

Open source diagramming

We greatly appreciate our open source community of developers, bug reporters, translators, contributors and sponsors, as well as the developers of the open source projects that we sponsor directly.

As one of the world’s most widely used browser-based diagramming applications, draw.io can be used online, as a desktop app, deployed locally in a variety of formats. Plus, there is an increasing number of third-party integrations, where developers have embedded our open-source diagram editor into their content and project management tools.

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