Using diagrams with GitLab 09 Mar 2023

Share: will be available as an integration in the web-based GitLab Wiki editor on 22 March with the GitLab 15.10 release and product kickoff. When you add your diagram to a GitLab Wiki page while editing the source of that page, it will be saved as an SVG image containing the diagram code, and displayed in the page content.

Like all files in GitLab, the image with its embedded diagram is versioned, so all changes are tracked.

Note: As this integration is still under development until release, small changes may be made.

Diagram in the GitLab Wiki editor

Add a new diagram: Click on Insert or edit diagram in the toolbar in the Markdown editor.
Add a diagram to GitLab in the Markdown editor

A blank diagram will be opened in the Sketch whiteboard-style editor theme. Use the diagramming toolbar on the left to access templates and shape libraries.
Create your diagram in the Sketch whiteboard-like editor, and save it to return to the GitLab Markdown editor

Save your diagram: It will be added to the page in Markdown as a .drawio.svg file.

Edit an existing diagram: Make sure your cursor is in the diagram file entry in the Markdown code, and select Insert or edit diagram.
Make sure the cursor is in the Markdown reference to the diagram file then edit the diagram in the GitLab Markdown editor

View a diagram in the page: Click on Preview to render the page containing the diagram.
Preview the page to see how the diagram is rendered along with the markdown text content of the GitLab Wiki page

Diagram with the GitLab rich text editor

Edit a diagram: Select the diagram, and click on Edit diagram in the hover toolbar that appears above or below.
Click on a diagram and use the hover toolbar to edit it in the GitLab rich text editor

Add a new diagram: Make sure no other diagram is selected, then click on the + in the toolbar and select Create or edit diagram.
Make sure you have not selected any diagram, click on the + in the toolbar and select Create or edit diagram to add a new diagram in the GitLab rich text editor

Save individual diagram files to GitLab

You can also store your individual diagram files in GitLab. Select GitLab as the save file destination when you create a new diagram, or select Save as from the menu.
Select GitLab as the location where you want to store your files

Alternatively go to our online editor to start diagramming now using GitLab to store your diagrams.

You’ll need to authorise access to your GitLab repositories, if you haven’t already done so.
Authorize GitLab to save diagram files to this location

Tip:i As uses secure direct client authorisation, your password is never shared.

Diagram in VSCode with GitLab

  1. Set up the GitLab Workflow extension for Visual Studio Code.
  2. Install Henning Dieterichs’ unofficial extension for Visual Studio Code

The extension for VSCode lets you view and edit the .drawio diagram files stored in your repositories.
Use the unofficial extension for VSCode to edit .drawio files stored in a GitLab repository directly in the Visual Studio Code editor

See how this extension works in GitHub - it works in a similar way with GitLab inside VSCode.

Note: The extension only recognises files with the .drawio file extension.

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