Manage your budget moving to Confluence Cloud 21 Oct 2020

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Atlassian recently deprecated their Confluence Server range. As the software market evolves, accelerating the move to Cloud is the next natural step in Atlassian’s strategy.

Users able to move to Cloud have seen an overall cost saving due to reduced maintenance and downtime, as well as benefiting from Atlassian’s scalability and security record. There are various mechanisms in place to smooth the road to Cloud, including free Cloud licenses while you migrate away from Server.

At smaller tiers Confluence Cloud is the clear winner, at higher tiers the cost outlay is greater (excluding the benefits). You can see a comparison between Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud at various tiers below (pricing as per the July 2021 price list, annual renewal in USD):

Users    Conf Server   Conf Cloud
10 1,300 Free
25 1,300 1,250
50 3,000 2,500
100 5,500 5,000
250 10,900 12,500
500 16,400 18,500
2,000 20,100 61,000
10,000 25,200 256,000

For under 500 users, the cost is largely the same. But that isn’t the whole picture, as you’re likely to have apps installed, also.

Taking the top selling Confluence app, Gliffy, let’s see how the price changes as you move to Cloud and compare it to on Cloud:

Users    Gliffy Server    Gliffy Cloud Cloud
10 5 100 10
25 301 950 187.50
50 630 1,900 375
100 1,178 3,800 750
250 2,406 8,000 1,500
500 3,125 10,250 2,000
2,000 6,566 23,750 4,500
10,000 9,430 95,750 16,500

In fact, up to 4k users, you will save money on your Gliffy Server renewal by using on Confluence Cloud. With 10k users, you will pay 75% more for on Cloud compared to Gliffy on Server. However, if you have 10k users switching to Cloud and keep Gliffy, you pay over ten times (x10) the Server price.

There is a rich selection of apps in the Atlassian ecosystem and it’s worth evaluating alternatives when migrating from Confluence Server to Cloud. Some apps, like with its one-click Gliffy mass importer, make it easy to switch whilst saving you money. Of course, you save that amount every year after you have switched.

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