Reference implementation moving to 26 Feb 2020


The reference implementation of the project will be hosted at Everything else remains the same - the online editor has all the functionality of the core editor.

.io domains

There are two major problems with .io domains:

However, the domain administrator made no attempt, at any time, to communicate with anyone about the issue. We’ve no evidence to suggest there is anything to be worried about, but the complete lack of communications means we have lost trust in whoever controls .io domains. in Atlassian will remain as-is within Atlassian. Our partnership in that ecosystem with //SEIBERT/MEDIA will continue in the same way for a long time to come.

Our documentation and official blog will move away from the .io domain to

What’s next?

Our web site at is focused on the core open source project and the reference implementation at

We are testing to check everything that works on the old domain works there. Don’t switch away from just yet.

When we’re happy with the new app sub-domain we’ll mark it as the canonical domain and file open requests from Google Drive will be sent there.

What do I need to do?

Hopefully, nothing. If you use within your group or company, maybe send a message to let your colleagues know the name is changing. There is time to feedback any concerns you may have.

If you have questions, please post them to!forum/drawio. If it’s technical you can open an issue at GitHub.

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