Click to add shapes to the drawing canvas 24 Jul 2018


Instead of dragging shapes from the shape library in to the drawing canvas, you can quickly add them by simply clicking on the shape. This makes it faster to add a lot of shapes to the canvas at once, and then place, style and connect them later.

Quickly add shapes to your diagram

If you know that you will need a number of shapes, instead of dragging each one as you need them, drop them all onto the canvas by quickly clicking on them in the shape library in the left panel.

The shapes will all appear stacked in a neat line down the left side of your diagram, and they will use your default style (that is usually the most recent style you applied to a shape).

Quickly add shapes from the shape library by clicking on them

Format several shapes at once

To reformat several shapes at once, drag a selection box around them, or hold down the Shift or Alt key as you click on them. Now, when you click on a style in the format panel, they will all update at the same time.

Save your mouse miles and time by improving your diagramming efficiency with

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