Select shapes and connectors with keyboard shortcuts 25 Nov 2021


Keyboard shortcuts in (and the apps developed by JGraph) enable you work with shapes and connectors in your diagrams both easier and faster. There are a number of ways you can select shapes and connectors with the keyboard, or when holding down a key and using the mouse.

Select shapes with keyboard shortcuts

Select everything: Press Ctrl+A on Windows or Cmd+A on macOS to select all shapes and connectors.

Select all connectors: Press Ctrl+E on Windows or Cmd+E on macOS to select all connectors (no shapes).

Select all shapes: Press Ctrl+I (Windows) or Ctrl+E (macOS) to select all shapes and text shapes (no connectors).

Shortcuts to select all connectors, all shapes or everything.

Deselect everything: Press Ctrl+Shift+A (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+A (macOS) to deselect everything.

Cycle selection through the diagram

Select next or previous shape: Press Tab to select the next shape. Press Shift+Tab to select the previous shape in your diagram.
Select the next shape, within containers or attached to connectors with the Tab or Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts in
This keyboard shortcut steps into container shapes, cycling through the shapes that it contains, as well as the text labels on connectors.

Select parent shape: Press Alt+Tab to select the parent of the currently selected shape in a tree diagram or the containing shape if you have selected a shape inside one.

Pressing this repeatedly will cycle through all of the parent or container shapes, but not step into the container or select connector labels.

Select the shape or connector underneath: When you have shapes or connectors stacked on top of each other, hold down Alt and click on the shape to select the next shape down the stack, behind the currently selected shape.
Select the next shape down the stack when shapes are overlapping in with Alt+Click

Learn more about the z-order of shapes on the drawing canvas

Select intersecting shapes

When you drag a normal selection box without holding Alt down, only shapes that are fully within the selection box will be selected.

Include and select all shapes that are under the selection box, hold down Alt as you drag the selection box.
Hold down Alt when you drag a selection box to capture all intersecting shapes, even if they are partially in the selection box
Alt+drag selects all intersecting shapes, not just those fully inside the selection box.

Deselect selected shapes

Hold Shift or Ctrl/Cmd down and click on a selected shape, or drag a selection box around the shapes you want to deselect.

If you keep holding the key down and clicking on or dragging a selection box around the same shapes, it will act as a toggle selection.
Hold down Shift or Ctrl/Cmd and drag a selection box around selected shapes to deselect them
Learn more about deselecting shapes with keyboard shortcuts

More diagramming keyboard shortcuts

Print the following shortcut reference page to keep all of the keyboard shortcuts on hand:

Shortcuts available in
See all of the keyboard shortcuts

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