Set the drawio-config space permissions in Confluence

The app for both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server stores the files needed to provide custom shape libraries and custom templates to uses in the config space in your Confluence instance.

Administrators must ensure that all users have the appropriate read (view) permission set for that space in order to access these custom libraries.

  1. As an administrator, go to the Confluence instance settings.
  2. Click on Space Permissions in the left panel navigation.
  3. Click on Manage Permissions next to the drawio-config space entry in the table.
    Go to the space settings for the Configuration space in your Confluence instance
  4. Ensure that the user group you want to allow to use the app has at least Read (view) permission for this space. This will let users access your organisation’s custom templates and custom shape libraries.
    Set your users Read or View permission to the Configuration space in your Confluence instance to allow access to custom shape libraries and templates

Note: If you want to allow users to create custom templates and shape libraries and share them across the organisation, they will also need Write (or Add) permissions to this space.