Set custom colours in Confluence Cloud

You can customise the various colour palettes in for Confluence Cloud.This is useful when multiple diagram authors need to create visual assets and document workflows to match a specific corporate image or departmental style.

Set custom colours in the Confluence Cloud settings

Administrators can set global default and custom colours and styles in the configuration.

  1. Go to the Configuration section in the Confluence Cloud settings.
  2. On the Configuration tab, enter the JSON string with the new colour information for the various palettes (sample code and examples are below). See all of the options that you can customise in the JSON string
  3. Click Save to save the new colours. Diagram authors will now see either the new default or new custom colours in the palettes you have configured when they next load a diagram in the editor.

Administrators can specify custom colours for in Confluence Cloud

Important: To change even one colour in any of the default colour palettes, you must specify all of the other colours in that palette.

There are three different palettes where you can set new default or custom colours.

Default colour schemes - format panel

These change the style palette displayed at the top of the format panel on the Style tab. Each style palette page of colours is separated by a square bracket. Each style on the palette consists of a fill colour, a stroke colour, and an optional gradient colour, if desired.

The default colour schemes in modify the style colour palette

For example, these are the default colours and styles used by the first two pages of styles in the style palette, as part of a JSON string. Each page of the palette is enclosed in square brackets. In this palette, you must use the leading # when you specify the hex colour code.

"defaultColorSchemes": [
  [null, {"fill": "#f5f5f5", "stroke": "#666666"},
    {"fill": "#dae8fc", "stroke": "#6c8ebf"},
    {"fill": "#d5e8d4", "stroke": "#82b366"},
    {"fill": "#ffe6cc", "stroke": "#d79b00"},
    {"fill": "#fff2cc", "stroke": "#d6b656"},
    {"fill": "#f8cecc", "stroke": "#b85450"},
    {"fill": "#e1d5e7", "stroke": "#9673a6"}],
  [null, {"fill": "#f5f5f5", "stroke": "#666666", "gradient": "#b3b3b3"},
    {"fill": "#dae8fc", "stroke": "#6c8ebf", "gradient": "#7ea6e0"},
    {"fill": "#d5e8d4", "stroke": "#82b366", "gradient": "#97d077"},
    {"fill": "#ffcd28", "stroke": "#d79b00", "gradient": "#ffa500"},
    {"fill": "#fff2cc", "stroke": "#d6b656", "gradient": "#ffd966"},
    {"fill": "#f8cecc", "stroke": "#b85450", "gradient": "#ea6b66"},
    {"fill": "#e6d0de", "stroke": "#996185", "gradient": "#d5739d"}]

Instead of modifying these default colour schemes in the style palette, you can define additional custom colour schemes. Custom colour schemes are added before the default colour schemes in the format panel palette.

For example, add the following to the JSON string to add a page for custom pastel colours and no borders in the style palette. Step to the normal default style palette colours by clicking on the right or left arrows on either side of the style palette.

  "customColorSchemes": [
    [{"fill": "#ffb3ba", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#ffdfba", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#ffffba", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#baffc9", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#bae1ff", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#eecbff", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#a2798f", "stroke": "none"},
    {"fill": "#8caba8", "stroke": "none"}]

An additional custom colour scheme has been added to the style palette in

Preset colours in the colour dialog

Preset colours appear in the top two lines of the colour dialog, and are ideal for modifying to display your corporate or desired colours. Open the colour dialog by clicking on one of the colour buttons in the Style and Font tabs of the format panel: Fill, Line, Gradient, Font Color or Background Color.

To change the default preset colours, you need to specify all 24 colours in the presetColors option, without the # before the hex colour code.

For example, to use an orange preset colour palette, add the following to the JSON string in the Configuration settings in Confluence.

     ["f79862", "f05e23", "be5504", "d7722c", "cb5c0d", "b3672c",
      "b1560f", "813f0b", "ef820d", "ffbf00", "cc7722", "fda50f",
      "ef7215", "964000", "ff7417", "793802", "eb9605", "883000",
      "fd6a02", "f9a602", "8b4000", "f9821a", "fc6600", "daa520"]

The default present colours can be customised in

If you don’t want to change the default preset colours, you can add custom colours to the front of the preset colour palette. For example, three shades of orange as custom preset colours are added to the front of the default palette.

{ "customPresetColors": ["f79862", "f05e23", "be5504"] }

Custom present colours are added before the default preset colours in the palette

Default colours in the main colour palette

The large colour palette under the preset colours can also be customised. You can only change the default colours here, and you have to enter all 120 colour codes (without the leading #).

For example, a very warm palette full of reds, oranges and creams:

     ["7c0a02", "660000", "c41e3a", "960018", "e23d28", "58111a", "e44d2e",
     "ed1c24", "f88379", "b31b1b", "ee204d", "dc143c", "8b0000", "b22222",
     "ce2029", "ed2939", "cd5c5c", "a50021", "800000", "f2003c", "c40233",
     "841617", "ffc0cb", "a45a52", "ff0000", "e0115f", "da2c43", "fa8072",
     "ff91a4", "ff2400", "e60026", "a91101", "e34234", "ff0500", "c46210",
     "fbceb1", "ff9966", "fe6f5e", "bf4f51", "964b00", "bf5700", "e09540",
     "ed9121", "ff7538", "ff8c00", "fe5a1d", "ff4f00", "fed8b1", "fdbcb4",
     "ff7f00", "ff9f00", "ff5800", "ffefd5", "ffe5b4", "d99058", "ec5800",
     "ee7f2d", "ff7518", "ff7900", "d44500", "f28500", "f88379", "ff6347",
     "ff8200", "ffaa15", "ffff99", "fce883", "ffffcc", "ffd300", "ffd700",
     "daa520", "e8ac41", "c3b091", "fdff00", "fffacd", "ffffe0", "fafa37",
     "f8de7e", "efcc00", "fedf00", "ffef00", "ffff00", "fada5e", "eed202",
     "ffff66", "f3e5ab", "eedc82", "fffdd0", "edeae0", "faebd7", "ffab00",
     "ff991f", "ff8b00", "df7a00", "bf6800", "9f5700", "ffebe6", "fefefa",
     "f5f5dc", "e3dac9", "f7e7ce", "fff8dc", "efdfbb", "f0ead6", "fffaf0",
     "f8f8ff", "fffff0", "ffdead", "fdf5e6", "f1e9d2", "fff5ee", "fffafa",
     "f5f5f5", "ffffff", "f0f8ff", "f0ffff", "fff0f5", "f5fffa", "ffe4e1",

Modify the colour palettes easily with for Confluence Cloud