draw.io in Confluence DC - full version support and regular updates

draw.io 23 Feb 2024


The draw.io app for Confluence Data Center provides you with a secure and fully featured diagramming tool for visual documentation, along with a simpler whiteboard macro that also includes everything you need to draw complex technical diagrams.

Works on all supported DC versions

draw.io works on all supported versions of Confluence Data Center, 7.x and later.

Regular updates are released for all supported DC versions, such as updated technical icon sets (shape libraries), new and improved features, and of course bug fixes and optimisations.
The draw.io desktop app has all the same shape libraries and tools as draw.io in Confluence DC - collaborate securely with your external partners using our offline app

Focused on security

While many organisations have opted to move to Confluence Cloud now that Confluence Server has reached its end of life, you may have found that Confluence Data Center is a better fit for your needs, especially if you are in a regulated industry like finance or healthcare.

draw.io is engineered differently to other diagramming apps - we take data security seriously so you can keep your diagram data secure. We participate in Atlassian’s bug bounty program and release regular updates for all supported versions of Data Center.

Secure desktop app for external partners

When you do need to collaborate confidentially with external partners, your partners can edit draw.io diagram files securely with the free draw.io desktop app, which keeps the diagram data isolated on their computer. The desktop app has the same shape libraries, templates, and tools, and is designed to work fully offline on Windows, macOS and Linux.
The draw.io desktop app has all the same shape libraries and tools as draw.io in Confluence DC - collaborate securely with your external partners using our offline app

Technical diagrams plus an online whiteboard

draw.io has a wide range of shape libraries with up-to-date icon sets, and a large collection of templates for many different types of technical diagrams.

Even when using the simple draw.io board macro in Confluence, you have access to all the shape libraries, features, and tools. You can use draw.io in meetings and for brainstorming, as well as to document your complex infrastructures and business procedures in great detail.
Access all the technical diagramming shape libraries, templates and tools via + in the toolbar in the draw.io macro for Confluence DC

Migration and import tools

If you choose at some point to migrate to Cloud from DC/Server, to maintain diagram links and embedded diagrams we recommend using the PageID export/import method, now that Atlassian supports ‘mass permission change’.

You may find the new draw.io migration tool more convenient to use in your old DC instance, but it may have issues if you rename pages during the migration process.
Start the Confluence DC/Server to Cloud migration preparation for draw.io diagrams in the administration area via draw.io add-on > Configuration > Cloud Migration

draw.io makes it easy to migrate and import from other diagramming tools in Confluence DC.

Configure the diagram editor and draw.io settings

As an administrator, you can configure the draw.io backend in Confluence Data Center via the app administration and set up custom diagram templates and shape libraries.

If your technical diagramming team always use a set palette of colours or shape styles, you can also configure this for everyone in your instance.
Configure default colours and styles in the draw.io configuration in Confluence Data Center for all users in your instance

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