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draw.io 02 Jun 2023


Unlike many software companies, our team develops draw.io using their preferred operating system and browser - whether that is Windows, macOS or Linux, and Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. We each prefer a different combination of OS and browser, an ideal way to ensure draw.io works everywhere.
Import diagrams into an existing diagram in two different ways

Web applications are cross-platform

As draw.io is a web application, it is naturally cross-platform - it works on all operating systems and in all modern browsers.

Such web applications like draw.io get cached in your browser, but different browsers cache web applications inconsistently. We release editor updates several times a month, so to see the new draw.io functionality, or troubleshoot any odd behaviour in the editor, you should clear your browser’s cache.

Follow these links to reset only the draw.io app data that is stored in your browser.

Tip: If you are using draw.io Desktop, select Help > Check for Updates from the menu. If a newer version is available, follow the prompts to install it.
In the draw.io desktop app, check for updates to access new editor functionality

Diagram on mobile devices too

For a larger and less cluttered drawing canvas, touch screen users see draw.io’s new simple mode or Sketch whiteboard editor theme by default, including those diagramming in Confluence on mobile devices. Click on the toolbars and menu to open any other panels and dialogs you need.
Double tap to open a shape selector, double tap on a shape to add a label, and tap on a direction arrow to add a new shape and connect it

If you prefer to use the original editor layout, select a new theme via the menu, or tap on the sun/moon in the top right and switch modes.

See more tips for using draw.io on touch screens

Diagram directly in your content platform

You aren’t limited to using draw.io in your browser, or our standalone desktop app. You can diagram wherever you work.

In Atlassian Confluence and Jira - with extra functionality for mass importing diagrams, version control, extended search, editor customisation, a list of all diagrams, and more.
See all of the draw.io diagram in your Confluence Cloud space via the left panel

Using Google Workplace or Google Classroom - embed diagrams in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and store diagram files in Google Drive.
Attach a diagram file to an announcement in Google Classroom

With Microsoft Office - embed diagrams in Word, Powerpoint and Excel, discuss diagrams in Teams, and store diagram files in Microsoft OneDrive.
Use the grab handles on your selected diagram to resize and rotate your diagram in your document

Tip: draw.io for Confluence, Google Drive, and OneDrive all provide you with real-time collaboration with shared cursors on shared diagrams.

Browser extensions to integrate diagramming

Many third-parties have integrated the draw.io editor into their content platforms with browser and application extensions.

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