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draw.io 17 Jun 2022


Many of the templates and example diagrams that we store in our jgraph/drawio-diagrams repository on Github are available via this website. The new example diagram gallery page lists diagrams in various categories based on industry or teams.
Enterprise business model template

The repository stores a large number and variety of example and template diagrams, in addition to the templates that are available in the template library dialog in the draw.io apps. The diagrams used in blog posts and help topics are also in this repository.

Browse the example diagram gallery

Click on any diagram in the gallery to open it from the repository in the viewer, or follow the links below each diagram to see a related blog post, help topic or download the file.

A ground floor apartment floorplan created in draw.io The second floor of an apartment floorplan created in draw.io
Floorplan of an apartment, as a multi-page diagram with links | Download

Create a new diagram from a template URL

  1. Go to diagram.new to create a new diagram in our web editor and click Arrange > Insert > Template to open the template manager dialog.
  2. Click on From template URL.
    Create a new diagram from a template file using its URL
  3. Enter the URL of the template file. This must be to the file data, such as the Raw data for that file on GitHub: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jgraph/drawio-diagrams/dev/templates/business/lean_mapping_2.xml
  4. Click Create and a new browser tab will open with the template.

If prompted, enter a filename for the new diagram you have just created, and choose a location to save your file.
Create a new diagram from a template file using its URL

Learn more about working with templates in draw.io

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