Diagrams for marketing analysts - 5C, SWOT & PEST

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Marketing teams commonly use 5C situational analyses, simpler SWOT analyses, PEST and PESTLE analyses to examine and improve their products and services. By presenting the information visually, you won’t get bogged down in unnecessary details.
draw.io has many Venn diagram templates with various numbers of sets

You can create marketing analysis diagrams easily in draw.io for Google Workplace, Microsoft Office and Atlassian Confluence. Alternatively, click on any of the templates end of each section below to open it in our online diagram viewer and save a copy to your device.

Tip: Work with multiple team members on a diagram concurrently when storing your diagram file in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or on a Confluence Cloud page.

Use the List shape

For diagrams that contain a list of points, the List shape in the General shape library is easiest to use.

  • Click on any of the lines and start typing to change the text.
  • Select a line and press Delete to delete it.
  • Select a line and press Ctrl+Enter to duplicate it directly below, or drag the List Item shape from the shape library and drop it into the list shape on the drawing canvas.
    The list shape in draw.io is ideal for noting characteristics in diagrams for marketing analyses

5C marketing analysis

A 5C analysis is one of the most popular situational analysis tools as it is both effective and simple. Marketing teams use this technique to analyse what is driving success, what risks they are exposed to, and the environmental factors that affect both performance and results.

Each C in the 5C analysis model is a major element of your business model.

  • Company: Identify the competitive advantage that your company offers, its strengths and weaknesses, goals and objectives.

  • Customers: Describe the customer segments your business is servicing, including their motivations and behaviours, and communication channels. Note how well your products and services meed their needs.

  • Collaborators: Analyse the supply chain to spot problems and areas that could be optimised. Also note partners, investors, service providers, and content relationships.

  • Competitors: Examine established and prospective competitors, their products and services, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Climate or Context: Look at things in areas which affect your business or product sales. This may be done using another analysis technique, such as a PEST or PESTEL analysis (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal).

A 5C Marketing Analysis diagram created with draw.io
Open this 5C marketing analysis in the diagram viewer

SWOT analysis

If the 5C analysis seems too complex, you may want to start with the simpler SWOT analysis.

  • Strengths: Describe what gives your business or product an advantage over your competitors.

  • Weaknesses: Note what puts your business or product at a disadvantage, relative to others.

  • Opportunities: List the external factors that give your business or product a competitive advantage.

  • Threats: Detail the factors that have the potential to harm your business or product.

SWOT analysis templates: There are a number of SWOT analysis templates in the JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository on GitHub. Click on one of the diagrams below to open them in the diagram viewer.
The JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository contains several SWOT diagram templates The JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository contains several SWOT diagram templates The JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository contains several SWOT diagram templates The JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository contains several SWOT diagram templates The JGraph/drawio-diagrams repository contains several SWOT diagram templates

PEST or PESTEL analysis

A PEST or an extended PESTEL analysis looks at the external environmental factors that can affect or put pressure on your business and its products and services. These may be positive or negative effects.

PEST analyses indicate areas where you can help your business or product stand out from your competitors.

The areas to focus on include:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological
  • Environmental
  • Legal

A PESTEL analysis diagram created with draw.io
Open this PESTEL analysis example in the diagram viewer

Tip: The List shape is also ideal here, as there are so many different factors you can consider.

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