Work with diagrams in Confluence Cloud

You can access the existing diagram files in your current Confluence Cloud space via the left panel. You can copy these diagrams, move them between pages and embed or reuse a diagram on multiple pages.
See all of the diagram in your Confluence Cloud space via the left panel

Copy a diagram

When you add a diagram macro to a page, you can choose to make a copy of an existing diagram. This duplicates the diagram file and creates a new version history so you can make changes to the copy without altering the original diagram file.
Select a diagram from the Recent tab, add a new diagram name and click Create to copy a diagram in Confluence Cloud

See how to make a copy of a diagram file in Confluence Cloud

There are several additional ways to copy diagram content:

  • Export your diagram and import that file into a new diagram.
  • In the editor, select everything, then copy and paste it into a new diagram.
  • Use the scratchpad to save the contents of your diagram page, add a new diagram macro, and paste the diagram contents from the scratchpad.

Note: Creating a copy of a diagram does not copy the version history that recorded the edits made to the original diagram file.

Move a diagram

To move a diagram, copy the diagram file using one of the methods above, and then delete the original macro from the page.

Learn more about moving .drawio diagrams in Confluence Cloud

Embed (reuse) a diagram

If you want to reuse a diagram in a number of locations, perhaps showing different layers or diagram pages, you can embed the diagram instead of making a copy. When you update the original diagram (the master), it will automatically update wherever you have embedded it.
Add the _Embed diagram_ macro to a Confluence Cloud page

You can select which layers and pages are shown each time you embed a diagram, making it very useful for highlighting different aspects of the diagram in documentation.
Preview the diagram before embedded it in a Confluence Cloud page

Learn how to embed and reuse diagrams, and select which layers and pages to display

Diagrams in the .drawio file format that are stored on OneDrive and Google Drive can also be embedded in Confluence Cloud.