Exporting diagrams and libraries from draw.io

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    Export diagrams to WebP format images

    The WebP format is a newer raster image format designed for the internet. WebP images typically have a smaller in file size than JPEG, PNG and GIF files, which allows browsers to load web pages faster. If you want to publish your draw.io diagrams on the web, you may want to export to a WebP image file.
    A flowchart template from draw.io, exported to a WebP image tile
    The flowchart template above was exported from draw.io as a WebP file

    13 Oct 2023
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    Share diagram data in an image file

    With draw.io, diagram data can be stored in many different file types, including PNG and SVG images. When you share an image with embedded diagram data, the recipient can drag and drop it onto the drawing canvas to open the diagram and continue editing.

    13 Jan 2023
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    Export images of diagrams directly from the lightbox viewer

    When you look at a draw.io diagram in our lightbox viewer, and not in our online diagram editor, hover the mouse over the diagram to see the viewer toolbar. Click on a tool to select which layers to display, zoom in and out, and step through the pages in a multi-page diagram. You can also export your diagram as a PNG image and print the diagram directly from the draw.io lightbox viewer using these tools.

    15 Jul 2021
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    Embedded XML in PNG image files

    The PNG image file format supports embedded metadata in a number of ways. draw.io can export a PNG image of your diagram and include the diagram itself in the image, by including the XML code in the zTxt section of the image file.

    27 Apr 2020
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    Export diagrams to PDF files

    There are many reasons why you may want to print a diagram, or save it as a PDF file: floor plans with emergency routes or conference booth layouts, infographics, business plans and BPMN diagrams, or infrastructure and rack diagrams when you don’t have a tablet on hand for easy reference.

    22 Apr 2020
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    Work with custom shape libraries

    Custom shape libraries let you add the shapes, images, clipart, groups of shapes, custom shapes, and even entire diagrams to your own shape library to make diagramming faster and easier.

    06 Apr 2020
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    Export diagrams as SVG images

    SVG images load quickly, especially when compared to loading diagram images in other formats. You can embed an SVG image exported from draw.io in a website, document or even a WordPress site if you have installed a plugin that support the upload of SVG files.

    07 Oct 2018
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    Export a diagram to HTML

    You can embed a diagram in a web page or in any online platform that can render HTML. While some third-party integrations can embed diagrams more efficiently (in WordPress, for example), embedding a diagram as HTML may be a good option. You can also share these HTML diagram files with others.

    01 Sep 2018
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    Export a diagram to a URL

    draw.io makes it easy to share your diagrams. You can even encode it in an URL if your diagram is smaller than a certain size. When someone clicks on the (very long) URL, they will open the diagram in the diagram viewer. From there, it’s easy to print or edit their own copy of the diagram - your original diagram will not be changed unless you specify otherwise.

    01 Jul 2018