Learn how to use connectors in draw.io

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    Work with default styles

    When you set a default style for shapes and connectors in draw.io, all subsequent shapes that you add from the shape library will use that default style. This includes shape outline or connector line colour, thickness and style, shape fill colour and effects, opacity and more.
    Set a default shape or connector style in draw.io

    27 Jan 2023
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    Change connector arrows in draw.io

    There are many different styles of connectors - the lines that join shapes in a diagram. Some are plain, some have arrows, and some have particular symbols to show a type of connection. Change the connector arrows and their styles in the Style tab of the format panel.
    There are a wide range of arrow heads you can use at either end of connectors in draw.io

    13 Dec 2022
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    Add labels to any type of diagram

    With draw.io, you aren’t just limited to flows, org charts, network or UML diagrams. You can use braces, brackets, connectors and partial rectangles to add neat labels to any type of diagram.
    Label any diagram with bracket shapes and connectors

    17 Nov 2022
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    Straighten connectors in diagrams

    When working with connectors in diagrams, sometimes you may find a floating connector is not straight between two shapes. You can straighten such connectors quickly and automatically by changing the path style. Depending on where the connected shape is, the connector will straighten automatically.
    Choose a different path style (Waypoints) in the Style tab in the format panel on the right in draw.io to straighten a connector

    20 Sep 2022
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    Join connectors with the waypoint shape

    The waypoint shape allows you to join two or more connectors together. In electrical circuit diagrams or logic gate diagrams, it is essential to show contact points where wires are connected, as opposed to passing each other without connecting. Waypoint shapes help you organise and route connectors neatly in tree diagrams, org charts, gitflow diagrams, hold connector lines together in a fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram, and more.
    Use waypoint shapes in draw.io to show contact points and enable line jumps to see where wires pass each other without connecting

    05 May 2021
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    Draw and style connectors in draw.io

    Connectors are lines that connect your shapes together and may or may not have arrows at one or both ends. In a diagram, connectors provide context information, showing how the various shapes and entities in your diagram are related.

    30 Mar 2021
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    Support for hand-drawn diagrams with rough.js

    A more relaxed and informal style for shapes, fills and lines is often used in infographics, teaching materials, maps and reports so that the diagrams are little less sterile and boring. The rough style adds a hand drawn shading options, rough outlines and connectors, and handwritten text labels.

    23 Jun 2020