Features of draw.io

Our draw.io diagramming applications are the leading solutions for web based sketching and diagramming functionality.

Keep your diagram data secure

All of our draw.io applications and integrations with various platforms, as well as our free online diagram editor at app.diagrams.net do not store your diagram data - draw.io is a unique security-first diagramming tool.

Diagram wherever you want

Use whichever cloud platform you prefer to store your diagram files: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, GitHub/GitLab, in your browser, or on your device.

No account needed - your diagrams are not locked behind an account.

Use our free online editor in your browser and on mobile and touchscreen devices.
Tap and drag a connector from the direction arrows on one shape and release over another shape to connect the two

Integrate diagrams with other software

Store and work with diagrams in Atlassian Confluence and Jira with our draw.io apps, available from the Atlassian Marketplace. External collaborators don’t need to join your instance, they can view and edit diagram files that you share with them using our online editor - no account or diagram format conversion is needed.

Embed diagrams in other applications with our draw.io add-ons:

Plus, many more 3rd-party integrations are available because we are open source.
There is a large ecosystem of draw.io apps for diagramming in whichever platform or app you are using for documentation

Advanced: See how to embed the draw.io editor in your own application.

Collaborate in real-time with shared cursors

Multiple editors see changes synchronised in real time using Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, and draw.io in Confluence.

Everyone collaborating on a diagram can see exactly what everyone else is doing.
Share your mouse cursor with others who are editing the same diagram file stored in OneDrive or Google Drive

Easy-to-use diagram editor

The draw.io apps work just like the office and drawing tools you are used to using.

Diagram your way: Find your favourite editor theme - a simple online whiteboard, floating tool panels, dark mode, or the standard diagramming software layout. You can also switch the editor to use your language.
Sketch editor theme for a simpler online whiteboard

Import and export: Drag and drop a file to import a diagram, including many other diagram formats and continue editing. Publish and export to many formats.
Import diagrams into an existing diagram in two different ways

Read more about new and useful editor features in our blog.

Many advanced tools

Many advanced and helpful tools are built into the diagram editor.

Tip: If you use draw.io in Confluence, you can mass import all the Gliffy diagrams in your instance in one step.

Create a wide range of diagrams

Our shape libraries let you create whatever type of diagram you need:

Activity diagrams are used to model workflows in various ways A floorplan created in draw.io
Enterprise business model template An example BPMN diagram
Use waypoint shapes in draw.io to show contact points in electrical circuit diagrams Mindmaps are easy to create from text with draw.io and PlantUML A simple rack diagram, created with draw.io

Browse our example diagram and template gallery for more diagram types.